Community Reinvestment Act Public File

As a Montana-based business, Madison Valley Bank is deeply rooted in the communities where we live and work and therefore understand local needs. We apply this knowledge and experience to every encounter. Whether through the in-kind donation of thousands of hours of volunteer time or through direct financial support, our giving is based on the belief that our vitality as a community bank depends on the well being of our communities. At Madison Valley Bank, we value the opportunity to be an integral part of each community we serve.

In accordance with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Regulation (Regulation BB, 12 CFR 25), Madison Valley Bank is required to maintain and, upon request, make available for the public inspection a complete CRA Public File.

For your convenience, we've made much of our Community Reinvestment information available here on our Web site; however, some information cannot be easily captured online. Our Main Office in Ennis, as well as our branches in West Yellowstone, Boulder and Montana City has a complete CRA file available for public viewing. You may contact either of these locations to make an appointment to view the complete file; or, to obtain information that is not available online, please complete the CRA request form below.

Please click on any link below for quick and easy access to the information you are requesting for the year ended December 31, 2018:

Request Form for additional CRA Information

For the current year and two previous years, all written comments from the public about how our bank is helping meet community credit needs.

A copy of the bank's CRA disclosure statement, prepared by its regulator. The statement contains information about s the population's income levels for each county where the bank operates.

A copy of the Assessment Area Maps.

Madison Valley Bank CRA Policy

The goal of the CRA Policy is to ensure the bank is committed to properly serving the credit need of the communities in which it conducts business as it is a good business practice as well as vital to the bank's longevity in these communities. This policy has been the basis of our success in the past and will remain a foundation on which we plan our future. Click here to see the bank's policy in its entirety.

CRA Mission Statement

Madison Valley Bank is committed to its communities and its desire to extend credit to and to participate in community development programs designed to meet the credit needs of all community members, including those in low-and moderate-income areas.

  • We will actively seek to understand the credit needs of our community.
  • We will actively strive to ensure that our products and services are responsive of the needs of the customers within our communities.
  • We will actively strive to ensure that all potential customers in our communities, including those in low- and moderate-income areas, are fully aware of the services we offer and our desire to serve their financial needs.
  • We will actively work to ensure that our employees understand and share the bank's commitment to providing service to all our customers and are provided with the knowledge, products delivery systems, and motivation to do so effectively.

CRA Public Statement

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) pursuant to the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, has adopted regulations designed to encourage FDIC regulated institutions to help meet community credit needs in accordance with their particular skills and resources, and consistent with safe and sound banking operations.

In addition, the regulations require that FDIC governed financial institutions adopt a Community Reinvestment Act Statement, which outlines the institutions efforts in helping meet the local community credit needs.

This Community Reinvestment Act Statement contains the public Community Reinvestment Act Notice, defines the local community for Madison Valley Bank, states the types of credit available to qualified borrowers and outlines this Bank's efforts to meet the credit needs of the community.

Community Reinvestment Act Notice

Under the Federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), the FDIC evaluates our record of helping to meet the credit needs of this community consistent with safe and sound operations. The regulator also takes this record into account when deciding on certain applications submitted by us. Your involvement is encouraged.

You are entitled to certain information about our operations and performance under CRA. You may review today the public section of our most recent CRA Evaluation, prepared by the FDIC, and a list of services provided at this branch.

You may also have access to the following additional information, which we will make available to you at this branch within five calendar days after you make a request to us: (1) A map showing the assessment area containing this branch, which is the area in which the FDIC evaluates our CRA performance in this community; (2) information about our branches in this assessment area; (3) a list of services we provide at those locations; (4) data on our lending performance in this assessment area; and (5) copies of all written comments received by us that specifically relate to our CRA performance in this assessment area, and any responses we have made to those comments. If we are operating under an approved strategic plan, you may also have access to a copy of the plan.

If you would like to review information about our CRA performance in other communities served by us, the public file for our entire bank is available at:

  • Ennis Branch, 213 E Main Street, PO Box 307, Ennis, MT 59729
  • West Yellowstone Branch, 216 Grizzly Ave, PO Box 1810, W. Yellowstone, MT 59758
  • Boulder Branch, 109 West 2nd,PO Box 207, Boulder, MT 59632
  • Montana City Branch, 9 Bakers Lane, Montana City, MT 59634

You may send written comments about our performance in helping to meet community credit needs to Kristi Lyons, Compliance Officer, Madison Valley Bank, P.O. Box 307, 213 E Main, Ennis, Montana 59729. Your letter, together with any response by us, will be considered by the FDIC in evaluating our CRA performance and may be made public.

You may ask to look at any comments received by the Bank. You may also request from the FDIC an announcement of our applications covered by the CRA. We are an affiliate of Jackass Creek Land & Livestock CO., a bank holding company.

Delineation of Assessment Area

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) requires its regulated banks to review at least annually, a delineation of the "assessment area" which the bank serves. Among the ways suggested for delineating an assessment area is defining that area around each office or group of offices where the bank makes a substantial portion of its loans. This CRA statement reflects information and activity based upon the delineation method described above

Madison Valley Bank defines its assessment area as the local communities in which it has branches to include: Madison, Gallatin, Jefferson and Lewis and Clark Counties. The maps and Assessment Area Listings provide more specifically the full areas covered by these local full-service banking offices. These items are located in the public file and available at the locations noted above in the Community Reinvestment Act Notice section.

Types of Credit

Consistent with profitable and prudent lending and the availability of funds, the Bank is prepared to extend credit to qualified borrowers through the following types of credit:

  • Residential mortgage loans for one to four family dwellings, both fixed and adjustable rates, FHA, VA, RHS and MBOH loans.
  • Home equity lines of credit and second mortgage loans, on owner-occupied and second home, one to four family dwellings.
  • Commercial loans both unsecured and secured by real estate in the Bank's defined lending area and in other areas of the State as opportunities arise.
  • Unsecured personal and home improvement loans to individuals.
  • Collateral loans on marketable securities.
  • Savings and regular certificate collateral loans.
  • Second mortgages.

Determination of Community Credit Needs

Madison Valley Bank actively assesses the credit needs of the community through a number of activities, including but not limited to, community involvement, market research, and advertising and marketing programs.

Community Involvement

The Staff, Officers and Directors of Madison Valley Bank participate in local civic functions in an effort to help these organizations meet their commitments and gain exposure to these groups. Some examples are:

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • School Board
  • Service Club Organizations
  • Other charitable, non-profit and community groups

Market Research

Madison Valley Bank utilizes both informal and formal market research techniques from time to time to keep in touch with our customers, our community and their needs for banking services. All loan applications received by this Bank are tracked by census tract to give management the data necessary to determine the results of its efforts. As part of these efforts we regularly stay in touch with various surveys and research completed by other local and regional organizations that compile data on consumer needs

Marketing and Advertising

Madison Valley Bank utilizes marketing and advertising programs, which inform the community about deposit and credit services we offer. These take the form of advertisements in newspapers in general circulation mediums as well as special interest mediums designed to communicate with special market segments. In addition, the organization utilizes radio advertisements, direct mail, the Internet and other miscellaneous forms of marketing and advertising.

Amendment of Policy

The Compliance Officer of the Bank will recommend to management and the Board any future changes in this policy. Changes might be recommended because of new or changed laws or regulations, or as a result of our review mechanisms

Board of Directors Involvement

The Board of Directors of the Bank represent a local cross section of the Bank's market area and are actively involved in local community efforts, politics and business, reflecting a continued commitment to the community. The Board acts as both an outreach group to the community and as a sounding board for community groups and the Bank's management. The Board and its committees continually monitor the Bank's lending policies and practices to ensure that it does not discriminate in the extension of credit on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status or age and takes an active role in informing the community at large about the Bank and its products and services.

The Board of Directors of Madison Valley Bank will review and approve this Community Reinvestment Act Statement at least annually.

Branch Information

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Branch Openings/Closings

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Assessment Area Tract Listings

The institution's assessment area includes all tracts within the four counties listed below. Click here to see a copy of the assessment area tract listing for Madison County, Gallatin County, Jefferson County and Lewis and Clark County.

CRA Performance Evaluation

Click here to see a copy of the most recent FDIC CRA Performance Evaluation.